Hi there! I’m Stijn Debrouwere, a statistician and data scientist for hire. I’ve worked for The Guardian, Fusion and many other news organizations. In 2013, I was a Knight-Mozilla OpenNews fellow. I blog about computer code and the future of journalism. I’m @stdbrouw on Twitter and you can reach me at stijn.

Check out my free video course on correlation and causation, Bulletproof Data Journalism.

There are three essays people know me by: Cargo Cult Analytics (about how news organizations get analytics wrong), Fungible (about disruptive innovation in the news industry) and Information Architecture for News Websites.

I’ve also written about Wikipedia and why everyone should code. I want to make news easier to understand and follow and news sites not quite so awful as they are. I think about CMSes and metadata a lot, what computers can do and what they can’t.

I maintain a bunch of open-source prototyping tools and sundries on GitHub.

You can see what I’m bookmarking and reading on Pinboard.

If you’re wondering how to pronounce my name, it’s probably because you can’t. That’s okay. “stain duh-brow-were-uh” is pretty close, but don’t forget your French r!

Give me a shout if you’re ever in Ghent, Belgium and let’s meet up.